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Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton, in October at an Oakland, Calif., church forum about the impact of banning menthol
Cigarette companies found themselves the targets of tighter regulations and lawsuits.
The cigarettes did not meet safety review requirements, the agency said.
Tom Gentzel, executive director of the NSBA, told The Huffington Post that the partnership had been in the works for months
Philip Morris CEO Campbell touted Bain's research in a February 1993 speech to the National Association of Convenience Stores
A California ballot measure to raise taxes on cigarettes by a dollar per pack failed Tuesday. 50.8 percent of voters opposed the initiative compared to 49.2 percent who favored the tax, which would raise money for cancer research and anti-smoking projects for kids.
"I don't know the conclusion, but it is worth it for the Department of Health and Environment to look into," Davis said. There
An unexpected lump in Anna Kril's left breast gave her a crash course in cancer survival. Spunky and savvy, she was appalled at the lack of resources in Queens for breast cancer sufferers like herself.
You can rest assured that the purveyors of the lucrative single use plastic bag have done their market research to keep young
The companies, led by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Lorillard Tobacco Co., said the warnings no longer simply convey facts to