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Fifty-seven members of Congress say hazard pay and personal protective equipment need to be guaranteed in the next bill.
It's not clear if Democrats plan to vote before the end of the year.
The president's tacit endorsement of unleashing the military on protesters could lead to "a full-blown humanitarian emergency," the lawmakers warned.
As the Golden State suffers blackouts and wildfires, the progressive stalwart joined Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in calling for public power.
Democrats could have used the short-term funding extension to pass restrictions on Trump priorities. But they decided now was not the time.
Earlier drafts of legislation aiming to lower drug prices had elicited stinging criticism.
Markey faces a potentially stiff primary in Massachusetts, and the California lawmaker's support is a boost for him.
The legislation, which would raise the standard for police use of force, was announced on the anniversary of Michael Brown's death.