road safety

States are legalizing roadkill salvaging to feed people and track animal migration.
I drove to a national park with my husband for a nature-filled retreat this summer. The drive was long and the hour twilight. The roads were gray and shadowed, trees forming triangular apparitions on either side.
A lesson about our own vulnerability on the road.
It's hard to explain how it feels to suddenly lose a family member at a young age. My brother Jim was energetic, fun, loved school, and had lots of friends. Jim drove regularly just as many of us do, careful to wear seatbelts, avoid speeding, using mirrors to check other nearby drivers, etc.
Deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents are largely preventable. Road safety is no accident. The developed world has shown that through a combination of funding, legislation, and education, these horrifying figures can be reduced.
We've all heard about the dangers of drunk driving and driving while distracted by electronic devices. But driving drowsy is another serious safety concern that is affecting a group of people that might surprise you.