rob bell

Resist the urge to fall into this common trap.
Rob Bell says it can be "the greatest gift you can give someone."
It gets at something beneath the surface and can break open the path toward healing.
Like Elwood P. Dowd, we've wrestled with "reality" for thousands of years; the Resurrection happily declares that Jesus has
Here I had an evangelical pastor who had once worked for Jerry Falwell now supporting Barack Obama while living as a first-century Jew for a year. Call me intrigued.
It's resolution time, and whether you commit to annual resolutions religiously, or you believe they don't merit a special time of year, the year's end provides a unique opportunity to consider where you've been and where you're going.
Last weekend, when I stepped onto the campus of UCLA I could feel the buzz. A line extended throughout the campus of energetic people chatting with one another they waited to enter Royce Hall.
The "Everything Is Spiritual" tour is a mashup of quantum physics, Jewish Kabbalah and Catholic mysticism.
There are many reasons why the storyline about hell does not work for me. Not anymore, anyway. There was a time I tried to believe in it, afraid I might just end up there if I did not.
What Conservative Christians are really upset about, deep down, is not that one or a few or dozens or hundreds of their fold are being attracted by liturgical traditions and progressive theology. What they are really upset about is that their ways and their positions of privilege in the world are dying.