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In a letter to the city clerk released Tuesday, Ford says he will resume his duties as mayor "in the later portion of the
For anyone with personal or professional experience in dealing with addiction, none of this comes as a surprise.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford doled out some interesting advice in the spirit of Christmas on Thursday. When asked what he was getting
CTVNews notes that the allegations are included in documents produced by Toronto's police to receive permission to carry
What's it like to get run over by Ford (the Mayor)? Jeanne Moos reports on the collisions of Toronto's crack-smokin' mayor
Ford also told Lauer that he isn't seeking any kind of alcohol or drug treatment program. Scandal-plagued Toronto mayor Rob
Toronto's City Council voted on Monday to strip embattled mayor Rob Ford of most of his powers, the Associated Press reports
"Mr. Mayor! There's no crack pipe under there!" —Shep Smith on Rob Ford's latest antics. If someone told us that we were
Ford remains defiant, however, describing the members of the council as "left wing tax and spend socialists" that "do not