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Toronto's John Tory defeated Doug Ford, the brother of current mayor and former crack cocaine addict Rob Ford, in Monday's
It's the end of the Rob Ford era in Toronto, as voters elected a new mayor.
So it's only fitting that he hit a local park with his brother, Doug Ford, where the two took a ride on a seesaw. Here's
1. The Hockey Rant In 2006, Ford, then a city-councilor, was removed from a Toronto Maple Leafs game after turning on a man
A security personnel email leaked to local media last year said the mayor had been intoxicated at city hall on the evening
You're going to have to tell your significant other how much they mean to you somehow this Valentine's Day. Why not let Toronto's
Still, though Ford's popularity hasn't taken too much of a hit, it seems that most of Toronto wants him out of office anyway
Recently, the Toronto city council voted to decrease crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford's powers in a vote of 36-5. Repeat: Five
Monday’s episode took five hours to record, and another eight hours to edit, making it an unusually expensive endeavour for
Toronto's City Council voted on Monday to strip embattled mayor Rob Ford of most of his powers, the Associated Press reports
Mohamed Siad, the man who showed Toronto Star reporters the crack video, was also arrested in the drug raids. He has long
Ford and his drug-dealing pals reflect a deeper problem than just substance abuse. It's another example of the growing crisis of legitimacy of our democratic institutions.
4. Marion Barry (D) -- Ford is not alone in the crack-smoking mayor department. While mayor of Washington, D.C., in 1990
"You asked me a couple questions, and what were those questions?" the mayor responded. In the middle of a scrum of reporters