Rob Porter

Rob Porter, Rick Dearborn and Corey Lewandowski are all facing instructions from the White House regarding testifying before the House of Representatives.
Jennie Willoughby called the former White House aide's quiet re-emergence "deeply troubling," noting that "he has yet to candidly address" his alleged domestic abuse.
Brett Kavanaugh is just the latest man accused of sexual assault Trump has defended.
Fox’s grip on the president is undeniable. This week it got even tighter.
For years, Donald Trump has always been jumping to the defense of bad men.
The letter to Congress contradicts the White House's account of the spousal abuse scandal.
Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, now wants GOP chair Trey Gowdy to issue a subpoena to obtain the information.
President Donald Trump will be looking for a new White House communications director after Hope Hicks announced her resignation from the post.
The staffers with pending background checks were downgraded to a lower-level “secret” interim security clearance, Bloomberg reports.
Hicks, one of Trump's most trusted advisers, has reportedly become a focus of the Mueller probe.