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Billy Crystal was ultimately cast in the 1989 romantic comedy, which also starred Meg Ryan.
The spoof heavy-metal band created by Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer is making a sequel to the mockumentary, called “Spinal Tap II.”
Rob Reiner joins HuffPost Live to discuss the wide range of influence that "This Is Spinal Tap" has had over the years.
It’s been thirty years since “When Harry Met Sally” was released. The film’s stars, Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal and director Rob Reiner turned out to celebrate the film and open the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood.
Rob Reiner joins HuffPost Live to dish on working with Meg Ryan.
“We’ve been attacked by a foreign enemy power, and our president refuses to defend us."
The New York attorney general's lawsuit said the Trump Foundation benefited Donald Trump's personal and business interests.
Hollywood has launched “” to learn more about the country’s attacks against the United States.
The director thinks we can transform the conversation around addiction by simply talking about it.