Rob Schenck

What does being pro-life mean in a world in which giving birth to new life causes so many women to lose their own?
The first time Abigail Disney, a filmmaker and pro-choice, left-leaning feminist, met with the Rev. Rob Schenck, one of the
I've taken some heat for my friendship with Abigail Disney and many others like her. She is an unabashed left-leaning, pro-choice, Planned Parenthood-supporting feminist -- just the kind of person I have spent much of my adult life debating, opposing and, frankly, trying to convert.
This week at a luncheon at 21, the movie's key figures, an evangelical reverend and anti-abortion activist Rob Schenck, and a remarkable grieving mother turned anti-gun activist Lucy McBride, spoke on a panel, raising the film's issue: can you be both pro-gun and pro-life?
A Christian group called "Faith and Action in the Nation's Capital" went to the room in the Senate Hart Building where the