The WWII vet said he got out of his car to ask two men for help. They got into his car and drove away.
As an avid traveler, I pride myself on my sense of being in the moment with each new journey and destination. Yet the second my camera, the proof of "how much fun I was having" was lost, I became inconsolable. It forced the unpleasant question of the motivation behind my travel.
Last Wednesday, I learned a lesson about living in Detroit the hard way. Tonight, I learned a lesson about living in Detroit the good way.
Plenty of things can go wrong on a cruise vacation. You could get seasick, or sleep through breakfast, or lose at blackjack, or puke over the rail, or god forbid be on a cruise ship that's lost power and drifting out to sea.
Police are still investigating and continue to search for the women involved in the attack. WATCH Allen describe the episode