The knife-wielding suspect fled empty-handed from a store in Worthing, southern England, after the girl and her father threw groceries at him.
Tony Tovar told reporters he didn't feel threatened by the robber because he "had a really good feeling he wasn't out to harm anybody."
The violence seemed to be random and the only known motives appeared to be "robbery, hate, homicide," police said.
A video of police officers pointing guns at a black man kneeling with his hands over his head is going viral.
Polk County sheriff’s deputies went to the supposed crime scene and quickly realized that a robbery never happened.
The robbery suspect turned out to be armed with a replica handgun, Commissioner James O’Neill said.
“You can either sit down and do nothing or take a stand," said Denis O'Connor after confronting three armed men trying to rob a bookmaker.
Police are still trying to smoke out the three would-be robbers.
Seriously. Have you seen how spectacularly well-edited it is? Let me explain.
Redoine Faid, who was serving time for armed robbery and murder, previously escaped in 2013 using dynamite.
A 20-year-old suspect wrecked the stolen vehicle during a brief pursuit and was arrested.
The last time Shawn Arthur used his dating app, he did not know it would result in a crime that resulted in his death. Today, his father, Bob Arthur is still looking for answers.
A HuffPost investigation connected dots that police, until now, didn't see.
A band of thieves walked right into the arms of police after stealing more than $2200 worth of goods from a Seattle Costco.
The cashier assumed the robber was actually white because his skin tone appeared irregular and blotchy.
Thieves in Paris dug through the catacombs and pilfered $300,000 of grand cru wine.
Looks like she warmed to the idea of police custody.