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The faux indignation and outrage Republicans are spewing over Democratic opposition to the elevation of Neil Gorsuch to the
For the last month, Donald Trump has been on another reinvention tour, thanks to the softening touch of his new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. With his apparent "outreach" to the African American community, he appears to be shifting from serving as the de facto head of the alt-right to recasting himself as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
"It came together that this would be a good place to try this and the Illinois DOT was a good partner," Magliari said, adding
Is the United States now a "colorblind" society? Or even more importantly, should the United States be a "colorblind/race-blind" society? The very notion of "race-blindness" is deeply problematic.
After the vote, Byrd was careful to explain his reasoning. "My main objective was to emphasize the fiscal crisis that now
Slamming the fact that congress has a 10 percent approval rating, yet somehow reelects 90 percent of its members, he pointed
UPDATE: 4:10 p.m. -- The Humane Society of the United States has come out in support of legislation to allow pets to be brought
We must keep pressing forward with the legacy of the Mine Safety and Health Act. It is far too important, and too many lives are at stake, to give up now.
Our Constitution is constantly bandied about, quoted, cited, and interpreted by every pundit from every media outlet and every political persuasion. Don't just take their word for it. What do you actually know about the Constitution? What do your children know about the Constitution?
The possibility of an upset in the special election September 13 to fill Anthony Weiner's congressional seat should cause Democratic leaders some anxiety. The Republican nominee, Bob Turner, is running hard.
With great fanfare, we recently said goodbye to two female media icons, Oprah Winfrey and Meredith Vieira. As they retired from their current roles on television, I wondered if others admired their farewells as much as I did.
With nearly 1.5 million acres of American geography erased from our maps by mountaintop removal operations, Appalachia is dealing with an emergency situation of historic proportions.
During the May 4 hearing, Bumbico was asked about the case of Charles Scott Howard. An employee at an Arch Coal subsidiary
Living underneath a mountaintop removal mining operation in the Coal River Valley in West Virginia, Bo Webb has emerged as one of the most important frontline voices in the coalfield justice movement.

Eric Mathis, a scrappy young economist in the Appalachian coalfields, is putting together one of the most dynamic green jobs consortiums in the country.
While there is a lot of well-meaning discussion about a just transition to a sustainable clean energy economy in the coalfields, McIlmoil is one of the few who has begun the process of laying out a roadmap.