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The faux indignation and outrage Republicans are spewing over Democratic opposition to the elevation of Neil Gorsuch to the
For the last month, Donald Trump has been on another reinvention tour, thanks to the softening touch of his new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. With his apparent "outreach" to the African American community, he appears to be shifting from serving as the de facto head of the alt-right to recasting himself as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
RANDOM NOTES You can learn more about this film at its very worthwhile website which features updates and a very cool mapping
Finally, the only pets allowed so far are cats and dogs. If you're a rabbit person -- they must exist, but who knows -- you're
Is the United States now a "colorblind" society? Or even more importantly, should the United States be a "colorblind/race-blind" society? The very notion of "race-blindness" is deeply problematic.
Even Humphrey tried to make the best of the situation, suggesting that the government might be able to scrape by. "If we
Slamming the fact that congress has a 10 percent approval rating, yet somehow reelects 90 percent of its members, he pointed