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One of the issues they were to study was the Rockefeller Drug Laws. The panel was to hear from testimony from a wide range
Police say the Georgia teen was armed and dangerous. His family and their lawyers smell a coverup.
Taser eecords Robert Chambers' last moments
Why does it matter that we give due credit to pre-Darwinian thinkers such as Chambers? For starters, it helps reduce some of the reigning fixation on Darwin, including his near-obsessive status among creationists.
Pay attention, exasperated moms of America: your child's seemingly endless hours on the couch might come to some good after
How do you get sentenced to less prison time for committing a brutal murder than for a run-of-the-mill nonviolent drug offense?
The most outrageous fact of this case is that Robert Chambers faces more time now for a drug offense under the Rockefeller Drug Laws than he did for taking Jennifer Levin's life.