Robert Evans

As Los Angeles landlords renovate units to reap the benefits of a high-priced rental market, renters are being pushed out.
It's Stylish: Beyond the obvious--that Jolie Pitt is magazine-cover gorgeous--the film she has created feels as if its been
One guy who was responsible for giving all those titles life. One guy who refused to play by the rules. One guy who picked up the dice, had the prettiest dame in the room give them a lucky breath of air, and let them fly, outcome be damned. Hell, he knew it was gonna come up 7. His friends, both real and those who think they are, still call him "The Kid," a moniker bestowed upon him by the legendary Darryl F. Zanuck. Civilians know him as Robert Evans.
Greg Archer: What do you consider to be your biggest achievement? After its release in 1994, "The Kid Stays in the Picture
Tyra is about to PLAY HERSELF like so many of these chicks who try and date younger male models. Boo . . . even Stevie Wonder
If Robert Evans, the infamous Hollywood producer, were to have opined on the Sultan of Brunei's renovation of the Hotel Bel Air, I imagine that his first demand would be that "the swans stay in the picture."
In Hollywood, the words "I do" often mean "I do...for now"--with a series of "I don'ts" in between. Call them serial optimists
To paraphrase a famous quote: "Hilary -- I've seen you act, and I've seen Faye Dunaway act, and Miss Duff -- you're no Faye Dunaway." This truth is of course self-evident if you watch Faye in her prime.
MacGrawn originally began her career in fashion, working at one point as an assistant to legendary editor Diana Vreeland. Perhaps this influenced her wonderfully innovative approach to dressing.
Ok, I can see how that work for something like a 30-second spot. I wonder though, if applied more broadly to, say, the production
For those in need of a prayer this Lent, a British bishop is offering salvation via an unusual source -- Facebook. Read more
On the surface, it's a period detective picture. Beneath, it's much more. The film creates its own mesmerizing world through evocative music, costuming, and production design.