Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

A leading anti-vaccine group is suing Rutgers University over its COVID-19 vaccine requirement, arguing it's “an affront to human dignity and personal freedom.”
The actress lobbied in California with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. against a bill that would curb fraudulent exemptions for anti-vax parents.
The anti-vaccine activist liked the California governor's concerns about an effort to crack down on fake medical exemptions.
"Alabama has been embarrassed enough the last few years by political leaders who have not been leaders at all," Democratic candidate Doug Jones said.
1. Restarted the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. 2. Instituted a federal hiring freeze that blocked 2,000 vital
The actor once came under fire for supporting a controversial anti-vaccine documentary.
Paradoxically, as historian Elena Conis notes, the public's lack of anxiety with regard to measles was at least in part due