Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The presidential contender told a tale about a 1974 rafting trip in Peru that some of his travel companions have since said was exaggerated or never happened.
Amid boos, the GOP presidential hopeful urged the skeptical group of conservatives to give him “lots and lots of libertarian votes.”
Donald Trump was booed repeatedly while addressing Saturday night’s Libertarian Party National Convention.
The would-be vice president has denied the affair, which was described in a New York Times story on her wild days in Silicon Valley.
The quarterback said he was given an ultimatum while being courted to be the independent presidential candidate's number two.
What does the independent candidate for president think about abortion? Even he's not sure.
"Saturday Night Live" cast member Sarah Sherman called the conspiracy theorist's body a "worm's paradise."
From Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s brain worm to New York Gov. Kathy Hochul's comments about Black kids from the Bronx, it's been a tough week for white folks in public service.
The former president ranted about Kennedy in a social media post Thursday, calling his views on vaccines "fake" like "everything else about his candidacy."
Jack Schlossberg, Caroline Kennedy's kid, showed off his accents to bolster the family's opposition to the independent candidate.