Robert Jeffress

One ripped the ex-president for acting "like a little elementary schoolchild." Another warned that if the GOP turns to him in 2024, "we will get destroyed.”
Evangelical Christian leader Robert Jeffress calls Biden’s victory “a bitter pill to swallow,” but, unlike Trump and other Republicans, he isn’t calling it a fraud.
Evangelical churches with ties to President Donald Trump have received at least $17.3 million in federal pandemic loans, according to The Washington Post. Evangelical voters will be a crucial voting bloc for Trump in 2020.
The president pointed to praise from religious leaders Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress in defending the photo shoot in front of St. John's Church.
An evangelical pastor who has said Jews are going to hell spoke at the White House Hanukkah reception.
Robert Jeffress has also made inflammatory comments about Muslims, Mormons and Hindus.
Robert Jeffress warned of a possible "Civil War-like fracture" if President Donald Trump is ousted from office.
"Dearest Annabel: The president we so eagerly defended is a cabbage head. He is all hat and no cattle. We are out of covfefe."
The president posted tweets Sunday quoting pastor Robert Jeffress, who said the nation would suffer “a Civil War-like fracture" if Trump were removed from office.
Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress suggested that Democratic 2020 candidates aren't talking about the "real God" when they talk about their faith.