Robert Jeffress

Robert Jeffress warned of a possible "Civil War-like fracture" if President Donald Trump is ousted from office.
"Dearest Annabel: The president we so eagerly defended is a cabbage head. He is all hat and no cattle. We are out of covfefe."
The president posted tweets Sunday quoting pastor Robert Jeffress, who said the nation would suffer “a Civil War-like fracture" if Trump were removed from office.
Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress suggested that Democratic 2020 candidates aren't talking about the "real God" when they talk about their faith.
"They are absolutely spineless morons," said Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, a longtime Trump ally.
President Trump is now championing laws to introduce Bible study in public schools.
Robert Jeffress cited the Bible on "Fox & Friends" to support the president’s plans for a border wall — but not all Christians agree.
Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress defend Trump after he was criticized for not reciting the statement at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral.
A new poll shows that even if Christine Blasey Ford's allegations are true, about half of white evangelicals still want Brett Kavanaugh confirmed.
"I don't think that a woman claiming sexual assault should ever be dismissed."
Trump's hand-picked pastors didn't speak directly to evangelicals. They didn't have to.
Another evangelical Christian leader speaking at the opening of the new American embassy once said Hitler was a "hunter" helping Jews return to Israel.
Trump-supporting Evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress seems unbothered by the president's alleged Stormy Daniels affair.
Robert Jeffress says it's about "policies and strong leadership," not sex scandals.
“I think what these players are doing is absolutely wrong,” says Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress.
This is how Southern Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress justifies ending protections for Dreamers.