Robert Jones

Racist theology is deeply embedded in the DNA of white Christian churches, influencing even their theology on salvation, PRRI founder Robert Jones argues in a new book.
Viewers of Donald Trump's coming out party for his apparent "forced choice" vice presidential running mate, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, might rightly wonder why he spent almost as much time holding forth on the evils of something he called the "Johnson Amendment" than he did on the virtues of Mike Pence.
LISTEN TO EARLIER ALL TOGETHER SEGMENTS BELOW What made the difference? Were voters convinced by the threat to religious
"Southern Evangelicals Dwindling--and Take the GOP Edge With Them" screams a headline in the online Atlantic. I'll exegete the meaning of the first three words of that headline, and leave the last seven to prognosticators, politicians, and pollsters.
The findings and the comments, including some by Dr. Jones, who knows so much about this, do point to certain anomalies and
HELL'S KITCHEN — The heat is on this career cat burglar. Cops have identified Robert Jones, 49, as a person of interest in
"I'm concerned for myself and my neighbors," Jones told the the Daily Press. "We need to get him off the street." Robert
Not only will a blue Texas make a Republican president a near-impossibility, but when Texas Democrats do win, then the Republicans in Austin will have to write columns about how their party will make a comeback.
A "none of the above" voting option allows Americans to articulate their disappointment with individual candidates and political parties while still being actively involved in the political process. States should be expanding this option, not eliminating it.