robert mcculloch

In the Democratic primary for St, Louis County prosecutor, incumbent Robert McCulloch lost to Wesley Bell.
Robert McCulloch said a "poorly edited" film distorted the truth of Michael Brown's last day.
Since Ferguson, prosecutors have cleared police who fatally shot unarmed civilians in 19 cases and charged them in 12.
A St. Louis County spokesman suggests community service is on the table in similar cases.
Clearly the South Carolina Supreme Court did the right thing by assigning a special prosecutor to the Walter Scott case. And if South Carolina can do it, then the rest of the nation can do the same.
18-year-old Michael Brown had the dubious distinction of being slain three times. The first was, of course, his being gunned down by now former Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson.
Comparing how quickly activists came together to form the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements in the '60s, to current sprouting social movements fueled by hashtags like #ICantBreathe, one can observe the exponential amplification value that social media serves in activism today.
Can we as a society cut through the vail and begin to know and understand those different from ourselves, to have the ability to walk in the shoes of another, to break down these "us" versus "them" notions that separate?

After white cops kill three black suspects, two grand juries seem steered to no charges. What's different now are huge, national non-violent protests involving tens of thousands yet no demonstrator deaths, unlike '60s race riots. Could this actually be a "teachable moment" leading to change? Maybe yes, Matalin and Reagan agree.

It is unimportant whether we agree with the decision of the grand jury or the juries of future trials and the actions of special investigations. The United States is a nation of laws, and the grand jury has spoken for now. We need to move forward in a peaceful, thoughtful and lawful manner.
St. Louis prosecutor Robert McCulloch not only helped Wilson in the legal proceedings but proved himself a skilled manager of public relations, which in a case that had this much national attention, was an important part of making sure that Wilson would never be charged with a crime.
Activists of all colors and backgrounds and ages -- with a heavy emphasis on young people -- need to focus all this attention and energy on achieving significant change. Because significant change is possible.
There is no question that there are many troubling concerns about the Ferguson presentation. Should McCulloch have disqualified himself from the case? Did the presentation go on for far too long? Did McCulloch at his controversial press conference treat Wilson as his client rather than a target of the grand jury's investigation?
The Black Law Students Association at Yale Law School has denounced with "sadness, outrage, and indignation" the failure
Because of the great social implications of cases involving police shootings of people of color, the presumption in these cases should be that prosecutors utilize the public preliminary hearing process instead of the secret grand jury proceeding.
So rather than take the hit back in August, he used the grand jury for political cover. He could just say: "See, it was the grand jury, not me, who said there wasn't enough evidence for an indictment. They did it, not me. I was just seeking the truth."
In light of the recent grand jury decision in Ferguson and the ongoing string of protests in America, Wu-Tang Clan has released