Robert Murray

Murray fought federal mine safety regulations for years.
Problem is, coal mining jobs aren't coming back -- even under President Trump.
Robert Murray and his company reportedly required staff to donate to Mitt Romney.
Robert Murray is suing the Environmental Protection Agency, but he's willing to wait until after the Republican confab for his day in court.
On April 7, Wisconsin's Board of Commissioners of Public Lands voted 2-1 to ban those employed by the agency from doing any work pertaining to climate change or global warming while doing public lands related work.
Bob Murray, owner of American Energy Corporation Century Mine in Ohio, sued Aubrey McClendon for allegedly infringing upon his company's copyright in August 2013. He claimed McClendon commandeered the "American Energy" brand.
Shanahan is accused of joining a group of protesters who police say punched and kicked the officers as they tried to arrest
Robert Murray, the outspoken chief executive officer of Murray Energy Corporation, compared the White House to the "Gestapo
The lawsuit states Cochenour was fired under the pretext that she had allowed some employees to work overtime on a weekend