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In an amusing and surprisingly thoughtful send-off, Marvel says goodbye to a handful of superheroes giving up their torches.
With the help of director David Lowery, we break down the Redford-centric allusions in this folksy crime comedy.
The screen legend now says he's not sure his new film "The Old Man & The Gun" will be his last.
The Oscar-winner said he'll continue directing movies after his final film as an actor, "The Old Man & The Gun."
Thanksgiving has passed and with winter break on the horizon, you may be on the look out for unique ways to spend quality
“Marvin ... What do we do now?” These words are spoken by Robert Redford in The Candidate (1972) after his character, Bill
He has two films in the works, before he turns to directing.
When it comes to Hollywood greats, few are greater than Robert Redford.
Ok, it's Disney. Oh please. Another tot film. Not so fast. Pete's Dragon starts predictably but as it opens its deep forest
Within minutes, it seemed after getting their grubby mitts on the entire Batman category, Hollywood turned Batman into a
The serene Disney reboot is the soulful tearjerker we need.
I like this film because, unlike some other recent Disney remakes, it doesn't try to be darker than the original but creates
As the Queen Mary 2 sails past the west coast of Ireland and dives headfirst into the open sea, Kathy and I and dozens of