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The GOP lawmaker didn't seem to recognize the former U.S. labor secretary when he called for her expulsion from Congress.
Robert Reich argued Trump is trying to boost his 2020 chances and "selling out Americans’ health to seal the deal."
The pandemic is "the perfect cover to hoard power and boost his chances of reelection," argued commentator Robert Reich.
"History will not be kind to them," Robert Reich warns in a new video.
Robert Reich calls on the attorney general to resign “for the sake of our democracy” in a new video.
Robert Reich explained how Trump has "made the swamp even swampier" in a new video.
Robert Reich said this GOP lawmaker had helped “transform the Republican Party into a cult, worshiping at the altar of authoritarianism."
“Friends, this is not rational behavior,” writes economist Robert Reich.
"Sugar highs are temporary," warned the former labor secretary.
Robert Reich warned, "you could easily find the American economy in a recession, certainly before the election."