robert reich

“Friends, this is not rational behavior,” writes economist Robert Reich.
Robert Reich warned, "you could easily find the American economy in a recession, certainly before the election."
Robert Reich slammed the president for "callous disregard" of 420,000 government employees working without pay.
A couple of movies are joining Netflix before the end of the month.
This story isn't about Republicans and Democrats.
A month into the Trump Administration, many Americans are stressed out.  A recent study by the American Psychological Association
"He will be out of office in four years, or be impeached," the former labor secretary said.
The author of The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith also wrote a book called The Theory of Moral Sentiments. In it, he writes
The former labor secretary issued a grave warning about the incoming commander in chief.
"This isn’t lifting people up. This is actually penalizing people for speaking their minds,” the former Labor secretary says.
"There’s nothing normal about what we’re about to experience. We've got to be peaceful warriors."
Put baldly, for all of you who blame Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton's recent devastating loss in the election, that's foolish. Even blaming Independents and Third parties misses the core of the problem.
Trump may have actually given us a gift by rejecting conventional norms of political correctness, and by removing the lid from the boiling cauldron of negative feelings shared by millions of our fellow citizens.
Why are there so few statesmen left in the Republican Party? Are there no principled Republicans whose loyalty to the nation is greater than their eagerness to win back the White House? No Republican leaders with the courage to stand up and say this is wrong -- that this man doesn't have the character or the temperament to be president, and his election would endanger America and everything we believe in and stand for?