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There are plenty of fish in the sea ... they just don't all weigh 430 pounds.
The most important thing we can do -- and sometimes it's the hardest -- is to speak up about what has happened to us. Because it's in speaking our truth and reaching out that we can connect with other people. That's the essential ingredient for courage and resilience and healing.
What if we looked at violence in America as a public health crisis rather than a crime problem? What if we look for promising practices and expanded the ones that work to eliminate the epidemic of violence that keeps our graveyards, jails, and prisons full?
In California, fully 58 percent of all disciplinary actions were for that category, not for the serious offenses you might imagine. Almost every state has an equivalent category.
The course to all of our health and prosperity starts with changing the odds for our sons and brothers which will build opportunity for all of us. There are real signs of hope and momentum building around the country.
Two years after the law was passed, and six months after the Supreme Court affirmed its legality, only now do we have the opportunity to explain the benefits of Obamacare to families, workers, and employees -- without the noise, distraction, and confusion of a political campaign getting in the way.
Judge Michael A. Martinez ruled Saturday that the case remain in Denver because "the Court is not persuaded" that the State
Shaquille O'Neal "requested and directed" his former friend to kill several people -- including a gang member, a record producer
O'Neal announced his retirement from the NBA earlier this month on Twitter. She reportedly turned the offer down, saying
Shaquille O'Neal is embroiled in a criminal case in which 7 gang members allegedly kidnapped, beat up and robbed a man who