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The Senate Minority Leader gets a little too real in a clip from Robert Smigel's new show, "Let's Be Real."
The Texas senator tried to go up against Triumph. It didn't go well.
On Thursday, Hulu released a new 30-minute Election Watch 2016 special subtitled "The Home Stretch" in which Triumph/Smigel
Comedian Robert Smigel and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog have taken their act to the campaign trail. Smigel joins HuffPost
The Hollywood Reporter ran an excerpt on Wednesday from a new edition of Live From New York, a book written by James Andrew
First the good news ... The Aquabats are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band this year. And thanks to their Emmy Award-winning television series, The Aquabats! Super Show! on HUB Network, the 'Bats have greatly expanded their audience over the past three years.
It might an odd choice to build the Aquabats' first-ever holiday special around a beast-like creature straight out of Alpine folklore. But as Jacobs revealed during a phone interview earlier this week, creating a Krampus-centric Super Show! episode has always been a Christmas dream of his.