Robert Trujillo

The metal band is postponing eight shows in Australia and New Zealand as its frontman recovers from his battle with addiction.
“If you’ve ever wondered what half of Metallica sounds like covering Prince, well, it was worse than you can imagine,” one person tweeted.
The son of Metallica's bassist has now officially played with Korn.
When we talk about what made rock & roll as we know it, the most common answer is: a mixture of R&B, a predominantly black genre, and country, a predominantly white genre. We explore the Latino influences that helped shape rock & roll, and we profile unsung Latino rock artists who had a hand in crafting this new sound--which is not as black and white as many think.
ROLLA OLAK'S "2 AM" EXCLUSIVE MR: What do you think Jaco has added to the history of bass playing? RT: I think if you ask