Robert Venturi

Publicly rewarding collaborative work is new to the field of architecture.
Now he's come out with an intriguing concept for a book: 100 Years, 100 Architects - and it's a winner. In it, Hill looks
It's a fascinating story about a humble Renaissance Man who left behind the best kind of legacy -- one that's articulated in human relations and in modern architecture.
Imagine a version of It's a Wonderful Life, only the main character is not George Bailey (James Stewart) a bank executive
How were they to work with? Jewels, watches and silverware. Who are some of the best-known artists and writers represented
Almost as quickly as it arrived and changed our world, Postmodernism disappeared. But with a new exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, it's time now to take a look back at its evolution.
SUNDAY, APRIL 11 Ugly and Ordinary? Las Vegas Studio Panel Discussion and Reception Pacific Design Center (West Hollywood
Michael Arcega displays sculptural works of common urban fixtures, constructed out of polytarp in reference of emergency tents and urban disasters.
Celebrated among aesthetes, the Barnes Foundation comprises a private collection groaning with manifold treasures among which are found African sculptures, Asian prints and Native American ceramics.
2010-01-22-saarinen.jpg This is the conversation about architecture of the 2st Century. What counts most? Your fanny or your fancy?
I wrote about three places where I have seen Cityism occurring -- Vancouver, Barcelona, and my own city of Santa Monica -- but there are many other cities where Cityism is taking place.