Robert Wagner

Police say he has been uncooperative since they've reopened the case.
If it's done right, a gay-themed adventure/mystery series could be groundbreaking TV.
The owner of the yacht where actress natalie wood was last seen alive says it’s haunted by her spirit -- and now - he’s looking to sell it.
Lynx Live was signing up celebs to its brand new streaming video network so they could stream video whenever they want, share
Our latest eye-popper celebrity-marriage-reveal showcases famous people who married the same person twice. That's right. Married, divorced, re-married... the same person -- two times.
Lt. Corina stressed, however, that Wagner has "changed his story over the years." Veteran actor Robert Wagner, 82, is reportedly
CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly named Robert Wagner as Richard Wagner in the text and photo caption
I will admit: I tend to have a bias against movies with the number "3" in the title. If there's ever a dead giveaway that
Today marks the 170th birthday of Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The French artist with a keen eye for feminine beauty did not come
But Captain Dennis Davern's recollection of the evening paints a different picture. The Captain told TMZ that Robert Wagner