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A name change is surprisingly simple. Pick a name. Go to civil court. Fill out the Name Change Petition form and a Proposed
What are homophobes to do when their anti-gay rhetoric loses its power? They try a new tactic: God may do nothing, but the gays will hurt you directly! Unprovoked, gays will lash out! Gays are walking time bombs! Gays are murderers! Beware the killer gay!
By Rob Watson | The Next Family As a dad, I see Dr. Ludwig’s comments not only as mis-spoken, unfortunate and misguided. I
"When I was first listening to him, I was like, ‘Oh, he’s angry with women for rejecting him,'" she said during the Fox News
Rodger went on a rampage, and killed six people near UC Santa Barbara on Friday night. Reality TV psychotherapist Dr. Robi
Karen Schaler, creator and host of the Travel Therapy TV Series and the author of "Travel Therapy: Where do you need to go?," talks with Ricky about how what should have been a great vacation led her to realize she was with the wrong man.
A Hail-Mary-Moon cruise saved my marriage.
"Anything that two people do together that is unique to that couple can increase a sense of intimacy," Ludwig said. "It's
To hear more of what Ziegler and Ludwig had to say about female adulterers, check out the full clip above. Then click through