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The "Once Upon A Time" actor Sean Mcguire might play Robin Hood on ABC, but he also loves The Robin Hood Foundation IRL.
Good people, wealthy or not, need to join the game and make this country a fairer, more just place for all.
The political question is whether Hillary Clinton would once again listen to her corporate funders, like Eli Broad, or to teachers, unions and parents who are fed up with the test, sort, reward and punish approach to school improvement.
Robin Hood, New York's largest poverty-fighting organization, joined forces with Accenture Strategy to create an executive development and coaching program specifically for non-profit organizations that helped senior leaders strengthen core competencies.
Sadly, the good work that his foundation does is eviscerated by what he does on a much larger scale in New York state politics, national politics, and throughout the world in order to continue to line his coffers.
"There is no more compassionate and effective way to help poor people in New York City than to give to Robin Hood."
Local government leaders can help to foster successful solutions in their communities by providing an environment that welcomes and encourages the contributions of nonprofit partners.
"It's not just raising funds in the ways we've know for years, it's 'I'll do this fun, epic, amazing stunt and do it for
Here's the part where one plus one equals two. Americans are being generous but when the steroids are taken out of the lineup
Over the next several months, we will take every penny that was raised and grant funds to the most effective organizations helping low-income victims and vulnerable populations in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut.
If we as a society are to broach the veteran-civilian divide, we need social venues, optimal environments, where civilians and their families and children can get to know veterans and their families and children, up close and personal.
The Robin Hood Foundation seemed to raise $47 million in a nanosecond at their gala. I had to learn more. The Foundation's executive director, David Saltzman, patiently answered some questions.
What made tonight different from all other nights? Why had we taken our rightful place at the surplus stalls on this night? Were we driven by our desire to see Gaga, or was it even more, to get a little Gaga ourselves?
Adoring "little monsters," New York do-gooders and any other interested participants can help choose which of the five nonprofits
Students need the support of librarians who help them get past the digital divide by providing Internet access and information literacy training, and connect their teachers with the latest tools.
As far as my feelings it was a rush. It is always rewarding teaching people but even more so when they are that interested
A fascinating experiment in digital philanthropy is brewing at Robin Hood Foundation, a New York City charity that has raised more than $1 billion for poverty-focused nonprofits.
Over the past two months, a skunkworks team of young internet influencers has met, brainstormed, emailed and twittered -- all in the pursuit of feeding more than 100,000 of the city's hungry.