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He continues, "As a songwriter, you’re obviously trying to create a brand-new feeling that comes from your heart. But you
And the movie's trailer: Pressley plays a struggling sous chef in Los Angeles who, despite her engagement, begins a romance
Your new album "Paula" and all the promotion you are getting for it in the name of exploiting the marriage you once had is repulsive.
Cannon joined HuffPost Live to chat with host Marc Lamont Hill about the upcoming season of "Wild 'N Out" on MTV2, but it
Robin Thicke is slated to take part in a Twitter Q&A session with fans on Tuesday afternoon, but it's not looking too good
Robin Thicke’s actions are a lesson in how not to handle a break up. Since Paula Patton left him, he has made a spectacle of their separation, naming his new album "Paula," & sharing their texts in a music video. It's pathetic & misogynistic. Just stop.
"You embarrassed me." "I can't make love to you anymore." "I hate myself." "I wrote a whole album about you." Such are the
Since the break up, Thicke has made many public statements about missing Patton, even opening songs in her honor. When performing
Later in the evening, Thicke performed his new song, "Get Her Back," a literal plea to win Patton over again. In case you
Robin Thicke is so desperate to get his wife back ... he WROTE A NEW SONG about it. Read more on