Some robocalls are soliciting donations to get Donald Trump back on Twitter, Politico reports.
Even though Hochul was listed separately on the ballot in the primary, Weingarten acknowledged in her September 8, 2014, robocall that she was performing the call on behalf of the Democratic Party -- and the Democratic Party considered Hochul to complete the Cuomo re-election ticket.
The ties-to-hard-core-porn charge borders on a self-parody of an attack ad. But pushing the line-pushing accusation is basically
An otherwise obscure statehouse race in Midland County, Michigan, may be home to the most remarkable robocall of the election
The race is a special election to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). Polls suggest it's a real toss
Shaun Dakin, CEO and founder of the National Political Do Not Contact Registry battled the bots all year long, serving as a champion to everyone who prefers their telephones free of pollutants. So we're happy to defer to his judgment as to the Top 10 Political Robocalls of 2008.
"[Obama] wants to take your money and give it to those who don't pay income tax," the call goes. "He even said those who
Here is the script: The calls, which were sent to the Huffington Post on Tuesday evening, work off the theme that the McCain
In the new era of web-driven politics, nothing stays below the radar for long, which can pose a bigger problem for hypocritical and deceitful candidates.
The McCain campaign is out with yet another scathing anti-Obama robocall, this time attacking the Illinois Senator for his