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The lower-skilled, less-educated and older workers who voted most heavily for Trump would almost certainly be among the losers of Trump's trade plans.
Yo-Yo Ma's remarkable sounds emerge from a collaboration between him and his cello. We choose to view his contributions as more important. We don't view Yo-Yo Ma as mere facilitator of sounds produced by the cello. There's nothing that prevents us from granting the same kind of recognition to humans whose jobs require them to collaborate with computers.
In addition to experiences, you could also share thoughts and feelings with your robot. “Right now, we can talk to our phone
LONDON -- Andrew McAfee, director of MIT’s Center for Digital Business, argued Thursday that technological advances of the
We're actually happiest when we're absorbed in a difficult task, one that challenges us not only to exercise our talents but to stretch them. And yet, given the opportunity, we'll eagerly relieve ourselves of the rigors of labor.
Soon, all that will be left for human beings will be the non-routine, creative work.
As artificial intelligence rapidly advances, one of the next groups to see their lives altered by robotics could be some
That’s worrying news for U.S. workers, many of whom are already hurting for a pay hike. The bottom 70 percent of the income
The new meme is that the robots are coming, and while they are not the Arnold Schwarzenegger "life terminator," they are the jobs terminator.