Rochester Institute of Technology

Recently, we came across a story that at first sounded unique, as many seemingly random acts of goodness often do. Jeff Powell, a student in North Carolina, had used a 3D printer to make a functional prosthetic hand for a little boy.
Police identified a body found in Lake Ontario over the weekend as that of Max Maisel, son of ESPN sportswriter Ivan Maisel.
An autopsy is pending, and the cause of death may not be known for several days, authorities said Monday. Foul play is not
The Rochester Police Department said it is using boats and divers to search the waters around Charlotte Pier. Those search
What is the point of education? It can no longer be an either/or question--learning versus experience. The reality is we need both to ensure we have the workforce we need for the next century and the citizens ready to make the most of it.
Good news, is always easy to digest. However, a truly professional board of directors can handle bad news as long as management has been totally transparent with the board. No surprises!
The partnership will allow the university -- its faculty, students, staff, and facilities, to serve as a kind of extension in support of the new charter high school and its students. These students will have access to the universities classrooms, laboratories and facilities.
All colleges want their alumni to have jobs, but some schools provide more support for this than others. The Princeton Review
The search is on for a missing Rochester Institute of Technology student. George Delany, 21, was last seen Saturday, the