Rochester, New York

The statue was ripped from its base on the 168th anniversary of one of Douglass' most famous speeches condemning slavery.
The New Yorker confessed he had symptoms when his wife started to get sick after giving birth. Strict visitation measures have since been enforced at the hospital.
Rochester's Donuts Delite created the treat as an homage to the infectious diseases expert, who has been a voice of clarity during the coronavirus pandemic.
More than 400 cases have been brought against the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Rochester since August. Other dioceses are considering bankruptcy too.
The gesture is meant to show gratitude to the icon of women's suffrage on Election Day.
Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren invited Jaisaan Lovett to give his speech on the city's YouTube channel.
They insist they're not urging members to opt out of unions ― they're just showing them how to do it.
He won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award and the National Book Circle Critics Award all in the same year.
Exposing the faces of hate is a righteous undertaking.
“I want to honor women who fought their entire lives to open the doors for women like me. Women who still don’t have enough space in history books.”