rock paper scissors

What a strange and, in musical terms, a somewhat beautiful journey the Cameroonian Moken Nunga has made. From his coastal hometown Victoria, now called Limbe, in Africa's Cameroon to Detroit, Michigan and now onto his first musical offering.
Alleged underage drinker got out of ticket with rock paper scissors game
As the Blue Jays and Tigers battled through 19 innings of baseball on Sunday afternoon, even some players were having trouble
Rock, paper, scissors is a game that transcends languages, cultures, ages and places. The game even has the potential to
(via TheDogs) A BBC story reveals the secret to winning at rock-paper-scissors. The answer is something that we dog trainers
The theory was named after John Forbes Nash, Jr., the American mathematician who was the subject of the 2001 movie "A Beautiful
Is this the cure to road rage? It's late, cars are honking, and these two blokes just want to get home. But when traffic
Take a look at Janken's sweet moves and frighteningly fast gameplay in the video below: h/t BBC You can't win rock-paper
Around the beginning of December I started getting an eyeful of Tweets and Facebook shout-outs about Rock Paper Scissors' series of pre-APAP conferences.
[Via Reddit] But some may argue the robot is actually cheating: It uses a high-speed camera to sense the shape and positioning