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Sebastian Bach's new autobiography chronicles the endangered "rock star" lifestyle.
There are things known, and things unknown, and in between is Brian May.
Prince was bold, he was fearless, and wasn't concerned with the opinions of others. He wasn't trying to make friends while here or gain the favors or permission of others. He was here to make music, to change lives, and make an impact on the world.
Gentleman, genius, and one of my teenage "heroes", David Bowie, died Sunday, January 10, after a secret 18-month battle with cancer. I am blown away reading now about how many people were also quietly inspired by this highly original rock and pop icon.
The myth of the Rock Star was never sustainable but it's especially unrealistic in today's music business with artists managing
The American Authors - the band behind the smash hit 'Best Day of My Life' and the new 'Go Big or Go Home' - sat down with us to give an inside look to what they eat and imbibe before and after shows. And for good measure they even made us two cocktails to showcase their favorites
Conquering Life's Stage Fright is no easy task, but for one celebrity rock star, it's his life's passion.
wiwsbBands and startups have a lot in common. Sleepless nights, fueled on caffeine and adrenaline, they both have a lot at stake and chances are they've sacrificed a lot to get to where they are. Here are 15 simple tips to ensure your startup is a number one hit.
There are segments of Guns N' Roses history that really bring out different aspects of the band. What is it about the Use Your Illusion recordings that resonate with you?
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I pull over and stop the car. I type in the name of the song on my IPhone. I pray that the writer lives in Nashville so I
The Mexican singer recently sued three shows in Spain for reporting that she had lesbian affairs, but this week, a judge
I said when I started this column that I'd be checking out some of the various theories that floated up to explain the fact that my fellow she-performers and I just don't get the action that our male peers do while on the road. "Guitar as Cockblock" was my favorite.
As the guitarist of the Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood seemingly indulged in a lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Yet
Here's how NOT to behave when you're staying at a hotel -- that's unless you want to test your luck.
Crazy Enough , a memoir which was originally conceived as a one-woman show, takes us on Storm Large's ever-evolving journey in life and music.
In his 30 years on this planet, Jeff Riddle has been an all-star baseball player, rock star, real estate magnate, spiritual seeker with a vow of celibacy, motivational speaker and, now, entrepreneur.
One thing I've learned as a graduate student at Dating Univeristy is that women respond really well to guys who a job, a car or a personality. Still, even having all of these traits is no guarantee.