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Icebergs in Washington D.C In the heart of Milan's old city this summer you'll find an organic delight: a moveable feast
Four years after Superstorm Sandy, Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse is reminding us that the damage to New York's Rockaway Beach is still very real.
The biggest change we are seeing today with the contemporary artist's approach to the landscape is how they relate this time-tested type to some sort of political statement, while other artists see it as a way to express the land's power and beauty.
302 Beach 87th St. You may not find another beach like this in the world accessible by a metropolitan subway system. And
Sunday, July 27, the social media savvy MoMA curator led fellow art lovers on an InstaMeet through his MoMA PS1 exhibition
(above) Jackson Pollock, The Deep (1953), oil and enamel on canvas, 7 ft 2 3/4 in x 59 1/8 in (220.4 x 150.2 cm), Musée national
They can appear haggard as they tend not to eat during this molting period, but Durham still warned passersby not to interfere
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Even in these last few weeks of the summer travel season, we continue to hear summer songs that capture the spirit of the season or stir memories of waterside romance. But how many were inspired by an actual location?
Originally produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2005, Fraser Grace's award-winning thriller begins previews this
By Katie Honan ROCKAWAY BEACH -- Embattled pol Anthony Weiner took aim at the city's response to Hurricane Sandy in the Rockaways
In six months, we hope to see back up, grid tied solar systems helping power neighborhoods across NY and NJ. And we hope to see politicians, planners, and policymakers make a resilient, renewable energy powered grid a priority in the rebuilding process.
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"This is the last thing we need right now," he said by phone Friday morning. "If there are people out there willing to take
"A few houses had 'We shoot looters' signs -- that sentiment prevails," Boyle said. Aside from personal property, items that
No, wait a minute, that's the music business. I tell you this because the tents were a hub, a place for community for a hot
Brett Scudder speaks for thousands of disenfranchised, displaced and dispossessed after Hurricane Sandy. He does not feel sorry for himself. Sure he's mad, but in a strange way it has strengthened his resolve.
The way I see it, there needs to be a connection of the dots between the resources, volunteers and need. There needs to be a coordination between all the agencies working autonomously.
And "Sandy Friday" co-founders witnessed the damage firsthand. "Sandy Friday" aims to garner $50,000 in company pledges that
Sometimes it seems strange to give thanks for what we have when so much has been taken away. I went to the Rockaways for the first time the weekend after Hurricane Sandy hit New York, and then again this past weekend.