Only three governments have managed successful moon landings: the Soviet Union, the United States and China.
Video shows people apparently spotting the rocket's burning debris in the night sky over Malaysia.
A Russian missile hit a crowded train station in eastern Ukraine, killing dozens of civilians and wounding over 100.
The roughly 100-foot long rocket stage is among the biggest space debris to fall to Earth.
China has said its Long March 5B rocket will likely burn up on reentry and not pose a risk to people, but none of that is certain.
Yusaku Maezawa has purchased every available seat aboard Musk's first rocket that will travel to the moon. He plans to take artists with him.
It's the first time a rocket designed by a Chinese private company has successfully entered orbit.
“I don’t believe in science,” said limo driver "Mad" Mike Hughes.
The rare and incredible sight lit up the night sky.