rocket launch

A fireball consumed the rocket as it was being fueled for a launch.
From its very first days, space exploration has been a highly visible, but strictly confidential, endeavor funded by various government agencies. Fifty-eight years after NASA was founded, space exploration still has the power to captivate and inspire.
SpaceX tried a barge landing previously in January, but the booster crash-landed and exploded. The original plan was for
NASA engineers ready the Orion EFT-1 mock service module for installation of the fairings that will protect it during launch
An initial attempt on Monday was called off after unusual pressure readings in the rocket's liquid oxygen tank. The satellite
The ORS-3 mission is scheduled to occur on November 19, 2013, with a planned launch window from 7:30 - 9:15 pm EST. This
The glitch appears to be related to Dragon's thrusters, which allow the capsule to maneuver in orbit. Waiting astronauts
The spaceflyers will be arriving at the station just in time to celebrate an orbital Christmas. All three men have been training
(H/T: Ministry of Tofu) What has this North Korean KCTV anchor in such a fluster of excitement? Why, the successful launch
Dragon launched Tuesday after an earlier attempt at liftoff was called off at the last second due to an engine valve problem
"They occur in the middle of the night, and they glow," ATREX principal investigator Miguel Larsen, of Clemson University
NASA has a responsibility to be a good customer. This means one that knows what it wants when it walks in, how much it wants and how often, and what it wants to pay.
For those looking for a cheaper ride, Copenhagen Suborbitals might be the ticket. The non-profit organization just launched
John Coker, a homemade rocket enthusiast, has built--and launched--a set of rockets that resemble a giant 8-pack of Crayola
On board Air Canada 981 bound to Toronto from Nassau we saw the launch of the shuttle. A space shuttle launch, occurring