There is no word on whether the Russian group Pussy Riot has been asked to headline the event. The title of their newest
The director and choreographer, Mia Michaels (known for TV's So You Think You Can Dance), brought contemporary dance moves
I started dancing when I was five years old at a local studio in Reading, PA. John Kalina, a former hoofer in New York, gave
As Dr. Shoes whisks the shoe to the back of his shop to begin the intricate restoration process, I look around with fresh intel and begin to decipher what lies behind the veritable hall of fame represented by the signed playbills, headshots and theatrical posters.
"Rockettes are athletes dripping in diamonds."
For Mizrahi, working with The Rockettes was a dream come true. He told HuffPost: "I love a showgirl, but The Rockettes are
This is my absolute favorite season of the year! Every single part of New York is alive with the sights and sounds of the season.
Goldberg will voice the Statue of Liberty, one of several Manhattan landmarks incorporated into the production, while Benanti
I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Rocketts as they rehearsed for this year's Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Let the holiday season begin! I hope you enjoy the photos.
"We do our own hair and makeup for every show," said Christine Walsh Warren, "because we know ourselves the best!" Color