The superintendent says the stones are meant as a "last-ditch" defense, along with other security measures.
Texaball creates three great disturbances--one in the air, one in the water and one in the rocks of the crust. Sound travels
It is all about security Antwerp Diamond District is the area where 80% of the world's diamond trade takes place. It is a
There is something about those Yosemite rocks that speaks to me. It's their sturdiness, I think. They're willingness to stay
The gaping gap in French aesthetic intelligence--parallel perhaps to the obvious recent gap in anti-terror intelligence--has at last been corrected, but not in Paris, the self-perceived global capital of fine arts.
Then we heard the burst of wings as they jumped in the ocean from the rocks on the shore. We were lucky that a bright moon finally highlighted the beach, and we saw a multitude of little ones having their fun in the water. We did not move, they never saw us. We were stealth.
When it comes to seeing human, animal or any other likenesses in Mother Nature's giant crags, rocks, cliff faces and mountain outcroppings, nobody can be more obtuse than Yours Truly.
End Note While many of Thea Alvin's works, like much stonemasonry, are meant to stand the test of time, "Tres Mariposas" ("Three
But some scientists, including Dobrzhinetskaya, were suspicious of the findings, because Menneken and her colleagues polished
Those findings, along with an analysis of sediment core sampled nearby, suggest the petroglyph-decorated rocks were exposed