rocky balboa

Let's just say Mr. Rocky Balboa was pretty knocked out by the Swedish action star.
"Though it breaks my heart, sadly all things must pass ... and end," the actor wrote. But the video he posted kept a bit of wiggle room for a return.
Avildsen died Friday. His family said he'd been suffering from pancreatic cancer.
The actor plays Chuck Wepner, the real-life boxer who inspired "Rocky," in new biopic.
I credit Stallone's workout montage in Rocky IV for molding me into the fitness professional I am, today. Everything that I love to do in my workouts stems from the Balboa regimen.
In fitness, there is a big difference between getting to your goal vs. making a comeback. Getting to your goal is going toward
Sometimes we can learn a great deal by going to the movies, which is why I encourage my students to see films. The recently released film, Creed, is a case in point.
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You have written for adults and children. Why did you write this one for adults? It presented a juicy opportunity to delve
As Michael states, "When you live in Philly you see tourists from all over the world visiting the Rocky statue practically