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Do the "Time Warp" with Michael Urie and friends this Sunday
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Glambert offered fans a peek at his "Rocky Horror" look.
"Sure, it's always great to see family; it's great to walk into a kitchen and smell a pie in the oven," said Lynch. "But
In 1987, when The Rocky Horror Picture Show was just a pre-teen, I was a 15-year-old virgin -- both in the RHPS sense of the word (i.e. having never seen the cult classic) and literally (i.e. having never done the deed).
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Recently, a severe heat advisory was upon us in New York City, however for the unsuspecting patrons of a serene Chelsea café which normally tends to the urban chic, there was no warning that performance artist Kenyon Phillips was about to arrive.
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All photos courtesy of Santiago Felipe. Curated by art collective and party promoters The Culture Whore, "ROCKY HORROR SHOWS
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The Huffington Post: Why did you decide to make the theme of the Culture Whore's Halloween event "Rocky Horror"? Mark Dommu
We are with you Tim. Your fans are not like any other fans. We're not just fans -- we're what you made of us, and what you made of us is pure love.
There's a way out of this mess. It's an easy one, really, although it does require some suspension of disbelief on everyone's part. Just change the date on the floor of Congress. No, not the date on the bill, the actual date.
I'm so glad that I was part of the spark that ignited this eternal flame. I'm so glad I was there when it all began. It will forever prove to me that we can indeed rise like Phoenixes from the ashes of our own devastating personal events.
WATCH: Recently a Georgia theatrical production of the sexual cult classic has been shut down by local political leaders
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Those who believed that the show must go on were most puzzled by the fact that the city government approved the show and
This was the week that Congressional races took over Bilerico Project. First openly gay Providence, Rhode Island Mayor David
Tuesday Florida's Anti-Gay Adoption Law Ends Today Filed by: Nadine Smith Wednesday Log Cabin Republicans R Us Filed by: Steven
I'm sad to note that another byproduct of corporate media greed is the squelching of simple, silly fun that is not only a buzzkill for the cult-o-Buffy, but also bad business for Fox.