Rocky Mountains

An unexpected guest made an appearance at the couple's Rocky Mountain National Park elopement.
Lows are predicted to hit minus 20F to minus 30F from Montana into the Dakotas and Minnesota, well below average.
In a few days we will be ringing in Ramadan, when millions around the globe will fast with the hope of purifying their hearts
Mountains 70 miles northwest of Denver, somewhere between 8,000 and 14,259 feet, exists one of the most comprehensive ecosystems
The Grinnell Glacier Trail starts at a gentle incline before ascending 1,600 feet across terrain that is a mixture of crystal
The mountains "are a step too high -- even for the clouds to cross."
My friend wandered off alone to take in the view. She later told me she cried, “It’s so beautiful,” she said. I sat down
Credit: Lee O'Dell/Shutterstock Credit: Tom Grundy/Shutterstock Credit: Jerry Sanchez/Shutterstock Mono Lake, CA Why you
This accessibility - even for the novice - was new to me but it is a large factor in what draws visitors of all ski levels
If you're going to have the nerve to give just a small section of this long range the grand name of "Rocky Mountain National Park," well, that better be one special section.
Short of visiting in winter and hiking deep into the backcountry, the parks' popularity can make it tricky to find your own slice of solitude. Tricky, but not impossible. Here are 10 scenic spots you can have all to yourself.
Since both my friend and I are avid photographers, it took us a little longer to do the hike than it probably would most people because with the flowing river, canyon walls and wildlife running about, the photo-ops were abundant, and we took advantage of every single one.
We cannot ignore the realities of habitat loss for wildlife, the extinction crisis, and the impact climate change has on nature; but equally as important, we should not forget the good news and the victories through conservation action.
The Aspen Museum is Shigeru Ban's first design for a permanent museum in the United States. One hopes it's not his last.
"I guess," said Lauren, speaking for everyone, "you're not over the hill after all." Stamford Advocate columnist Jerry Zezima
"Looks like your shelters are about to be tested!" our instructor says as the temperature drops and a massive front rolls off the Continental Divide. The air fills with ozone as eight of us run into the forest to gather and stack more pine boughs atop the lean-tos we constructed an hour earlier.