rod stewart

Never mind that Kate Middleton and Prince William have done exactly the same thing.
The singer serenaded Sharon Cook and Andrew Aitchison in a surprise gig in Las Vegas.
This month’s crop of new tunes provides more diversity than usual. Absent any high profile pop albums, artists from a range
"I’ve just seen something on CNN that’s heartbreaking," Stewart told his manager.
The rocker apologized for the video, which has since been removed.
He was honored for his services to music and charity after more than 50 years in show business.
A Conversation with Carmine Appice Mike Ragogna: You love Cactus, don't you, Carmine. Carmine Appice: Cactus, man! It's a
In 1977 I saw Springsteen in Philadelphia. He played for four hours, ran all over the stage, and periodically scurried up the stacked amps with ease and then jumped back down to earth. Some 40 years later Springsteen still performs for four hours while my biggest concern at the concert was wondering how many times I would have to get up and go to the bathroom.
I wanted to see Coldplay to see if Chris Martin is sexy in person. Indeed he is. For his August 6 performance in Philadelphia, my niece Audrey and I were given two fabulous seats at Lincoln Financial Center aka the Linc. On the fifty yard line. Up close and personal so I could inspect Mr. Martin without getting a nose bleed.
The reality is, when diagnosed and properly treated, hypothyroidism poses no impediments to living a healthy, energetic, productive