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TV networks should do their part reprimanding racist marks and by representing us more fairly in their programming. Latinos come in all races, colors and flavors; which is why 'mejorar la raza' shouldn't have a place in our community.
“I don’t think they heard what I said. I did not defend the man,” she admitted during the interview. “I said that what he
Check out the moment in the clip above (beginning at the 8:17 mark). The “That's So Raven” star quickly interjected by saying
Figueroa was dismissed last Wednesday, immediately following his comments during a segment discussing make-up artist Paolo
We can be romantically involved with, or be children to or parents of people of color, and experience moments of prejudice, and yes, racism. We can have mothers and sisters and wives and daughters -- we can be women -- and fall into sexist patterns of thought and action.
Silly, sick, demeaning cracks made by such as the canned Univision host Rodner Figueroa likening First Lady Michelle Obama to a Planet of the Apes character are not new. The long, sordid and savage history of racist stereotyping of African-Americans has been the stock in trade of race baiting and racial ridicule for more than century.
3. Who sent a letter to Iran's leaders trying to convince it not to sign a nuclear agreement with the United States? a. Saudi
Rodner said in the letter that he comes from a biracial family, was among the first openly gay television personalities on
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