rodney peete

"I really wanted to pass it for, like, years and all of a sudden, I passed it!"
"Letting your boys know when they can and when they cannot pursue a sexual encounter is very, very important."
"Everybody tries to get an edge," says Rodney Peete.
I can honestly say I have no idea how many concussions I have had. One reason for that: There was no "concussion protocol" when I played, even up until the time I retired in 2005. After a hard hit to the head, you just got up, shook your head, saw some stars and tried to play through it.
"We have to keep it real with him on a daily basis in order to keep him safe."
"We had a moment of severe sadness."
Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete had shown their appreciation for the support of HollyRod in a glamorous manner. The Design Care 2012 was a huge success financially, socially and aesthetically.
Jane Seymour was the picture of beauty, grace and kindness as she spoke passionately about rising above hatred and bitterness to do something meaningful for others.
This August, Holly made one of several trips to Africa. "I went to Kenya on a double mission. The first, with Dr. Lisa Masterson