The suspect, who is bald, reportedly has taken thousands of dollars of the hair-growth formula from multiple stores.
Did you know Rogaine's active ingredient was first developed to treat high blood pressure?
The father and son were arrested after they allegedly sold the stolen merchandise to an undercover investigator. The father
Until association is replaced by causation -- i.e., treating balding is shown to lower the risk of heart disease -- I'll continue to consider my male pattern hair loss to be a cosmetic issue, and a receding one at that.
The secret to getting that Kate Middleton brow.
Neccessity may be the mother of invention, but neverunderestimate the power of a good accident. The makers of Popsicle and
Consumer Reports has published the results of a new 8,000-person survey about the effectiveness of different baldness treatments
In a study of 8,042 participants whose hair loss wasn't related to chemotherapy or illness, the most effective treatment