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Dr. Anthony Fauci explained why he called a GOP senator a “moron” on a hot mic during a Senate health committee hearing.
Sen. Roger Marshall is “hiding behind his doctor’s degree” to try to scare women about medication abortion, said Sen. Tina Smith.
The Fox News veteran debuted a damning new nickname for the Republican side of the Senate.
The GOP lawmaker is playing his exasperating exchange with the chief medical adviser for all it's worth.
Stephen Colbert and his audience loved every minute of it.
Dr. Anthony Fauci had a few choice words for Sen. Roger Marshall.
Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas said he was "concerned about election integrity" in 2020 but not in the race that led to his own win.
The rule requiring employees at large companies to get vaccinated or be tested weekly hasn’t taken effect yet.
Some Republicans now want to "move on" from a profound division they created, the CNN host noted.
Rep. Roger Marshall defeated anti-immigration hard-liner Kris Kobach in the Senate race for the Kansas GOP nomination.