Roger Moore

The British-French actor is most famous for playing Hugo Drax opposite Roger Moore in the 1979 film, "Moonraker."
Whether as James Bond or as Roger Moore, Roger could always be relied upon to help a lady in distress. I treasure a scene
“Of course I do not regret the Bond days," he said. "I regret that sadly heroes in general are depicted with guns in their hands."
News gives the blues. 1. Three more lawsuits alleging racial discrimination and sexual harassment have been brought against
The late actor twisted Bond villain tropes when he met the Spice Girls.
"To my first hero, Sir Roger Moore, I salute you and your work and thank you for the fun you have given me," wrote actor Jim Howick.
Moore's family announced his death with a statement on his Twitter account.
Craig is officially the second longest-serving James Bond.
Oliver Reed's career as an actor began in the late 1950s when he was in his early 20s. He soon became a popular choice for
In Spectre, Craig's rather tortured take on the role, while retaining the grit of the actor's canny interpretation of Ian Fleming's literary conception, relaxes a bit into a suaver sort of self-confidence. He even exhibits a newfound compassion and sense of proportion.