Roger Waters

Rock legends carry a big bullhorn, you know. Go Roger!
Tickets for the Paul McCartney tour "One On One" average just $161.77, according to Pollstar, which tracks the cost of concert
With the three most prominent contenders holding "questionable" views regarding Israel, and with the one clearly pro-Israel Just in time to
Defying categorization, Roger Waters The Wall premiered this week, not just a rock concert filmed, although it is that; even
The famed rocker spoke to HuffPost Live about his involvement with the BDS movement.
Roger Waters discusses the religious imagery in “Roger Waters’ The Wall.”
Watch the videos below for more from Pink Floyd's commemoration: Courtesy of The Globe and Mail Along with unveiling a commemorative
Campaigns that fuel anti-Semitic sentiments do not promote peace, they promote the interests of Hamas, which poses the biggest threat on young Palestinian children.
As the 20th anniversary of Pink Floyd's last studio album, 1994's "The Division Bell," approaches, the band will be releasing
Just as quickly as the Internet can denounce Beyonce and Jay Z's On the Run Tour as an impending flop, Forbes uses some actual
Waters went on to address his performance of "Goodbye Blue Sky" on the tour, which featured an inflatable pig with the Star
Who or what could upstage these musicians: Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Michael Stipe, Chris Martin, Eddie
Amir Bar-Lev and Charlie Lightening's new film, 12-12-12 would be worth seeing if only for the moment where James Dolan loses his temper because of a technical glitch.
If you wanted to sincerely address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you could express your support for a two-state solution, and encourage your fellow musicians to embrace the notion of Israel living in peace and security with a Palestinian state.
Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli is NOT a fan of Pink Floyd, demanding its lead singer Roger Waters remove her photo from his